Custom Software allows tracking of Load information “Electronically”  
Obtain critical Load updates over
the internet, anytime, from
anywhere. A secure log in allows shippers to access load data and receive delivery updates

  Accessible information includes:
Load Status
Proof of delivery
Customer Invoice
Customer Payment

Missing Documentation?
Shippers can Search their
own load history!
Search by:
Purchase Order No.
Customer Order No.
Bill of Lading
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Transport Services LLC is a forty year old
company specializing in the type
of freight most companies will not move. Our
years of expertise in shipping specialized
loads protect your investment to be
delivered on time and without defect. If your
load requires custom preparation and
handling, trust in the experts. Join the many
customers seeking quality customer service
in the most cost effective manner.

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Our Destinations
Any Load, Anywhere!
We are Experts in specialized freight delivery. 
We will Stack, Strap and Shrink Wrap your
precious cargo for safe and efficient transport!

The Safe way! Transport Services way!

1 414 321-9500
 1 414 321-9500